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    Industrial Electric & Testing Co. was founded in 1984 and has been present management since then. The firm has grown from a small testing company to its present size which ranks as one of the largest testing and construction in Oklahoma state.  

     The high degree of accuracy and dependability demanded of electrical circuitry has become a vital factor in today’s modern power systems. Industrial Electric & Testing Co (IET) is a full construction and testing company recognized for our dedication to the construction, testing and maintenance of electrical distribution equipment. With comprehensive experience and skilled personnel, IET represents high quality service and insightful creative implementation solutions, grounded by hands-on-experience.  

    Our foundation has been built on careful planning, financial stability, depth in management infrastructure and our corporation promotes the reliable and successful completion of our efforts. We have prudently controlled our expansion to ensure financial viability and strength. As a result we have built a reputation as a customer-oriented company that delivers quality and responsible services.